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Text box – change color to black, otherwise all settings are default

Trick: shift + enter will go to the next line without a space

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More general styling tips:
1) After every subheading I add a divider and then an “anchor” which allows you to jump to certain sections of the page. Reference the anchor with a #. For example, for the “on this page” links you would just put #anchor (change anchor to whatever you titled the anchor)
2) To change the color and size of text, click on the style tab in the edit panel. If you want different colors when your cursor is hovered over the link/button, click the hover and you will get a new set of settings. 

The easiest way to get two different widgets next to each other is the click the number of columns you want when you click the pink + button at the bottom. You can easily put a different widget in each column and drag the divider to make one column smaller/larger.