Build your Multisensor

5.2 Build your Multisensor

Construct a Multisensor:

To construct a multisensor, you will need to apply skills learned in previous PublicSensors modules. If you need a refresher on how breadboards work or a step-by-step guide for setting up a temperature, light, or distance sensor, please refer back to previous webpages! 

When constructing your multisensor, you can chose to include any combination of available sensors. Below we provide diagrams outlining how to construct a Temperature + Light sensor, a Distance + Light sensor, a Temperature + Distance sensor, and a Temperature + Light + Distance sensor. 

If you have access to additional sensors, get creative with what combinations of data variables can help you answer questions about your environment! 

• Construct a temperature + light sensor:

• Construct a light + distance sensor:

• Construct a temperature + distance sensor:

• Construct a temperature + light + distance sensor: